Craft Ideas for Teens

Have a bored teenager at home? Try any one (or five) of these fun DIY projects and craft kits to keep them occupied. With teens quarantined and no way to hang out with friends, finding non-stressful ways they can unwind becomes a basic necessity.

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Paper Mache Craft

From masks to flowers, piggy banks to piñatas, these fun paper mache crafts for kids will keep them engaged and help them get in touch with their inner artist.

Parents everywhere are turning to crafting as a way to keep kids occupied and fostering their creativity while staying home this spring. If you're looking for a new material that can easily be turned into a wide variety of cool crafts, look no further than paper mache.

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Winter Crafternoon

Put down the scissors and hit print to create one of these easy Cricut projects that put the magical paper cutter to work instead of little fingers.

It's officially peppermint hot cocoa season. That means fuzzy-sock weather, warm slow-cooker dinner evenings, and hearty bowl of oatmeal mornings. In other words, winter is in full swing and there's no better season for staying in doors for a good ol' crafternoon. Looking for a new way to keep kids entertained indoors this winter? Maybe try a nifty

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Rainbow Tie-Dye

Looking for a colorful craft? Check out these nine unique ideas for rainbow tie-dye projects, from personalized beach towels to reusable tote bags.

Tie-dye provides endless entertainment for kids of all ages. Little ones love mixing the colors, applying the dye, and wearing their creations once they dry. From personalized beach towels to braided necklaces, check out these nine rainbow tie-dye projects to recreate at home.

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Creative Craft Ideas

Crafting with kids can be a truly cathartic bonding experience. To young children, everything is still wondrous. If you’re feeling a little cynical about a hyper commercial consumer-burdening culture where everything is overpriced and the little things in life underrated, it can be helpful to remember that, for a child, even the most basic materials

If your children are more artistically inclined, you might want to consider letting them do a bit of portraiture painting on rocks.

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Easy Craft Ideas for Kids

Going out to snag art supplies might be out of the question as we social distance, but there are plenty of simple, fun crafts kids can do during quarantine that require materials you already have on hand.

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